Updates Archive

An archive of all the Updates I've post on my Home page.
(This site was first made in 2022 and revived to SugarBlush in January 2023. So this doesn't show all the site's history, but instead just a log of the "Updates" I've officially written on the site.)



13 March 2023:

❥ Finally created a Copyright page! I updated my footer on this site to include it.

12 March 2023:

❥ New entry in Guestbook, also updated Links so that all buttons are hosted on my server!

11 March 2023:

❥ Created Pig Care Resources with Basic Care info. I also Updated Favorite Things and Links.
Finally created an Updates Archive!!!

10 March 2023:

❥ Adjusted format for my Favorite Things page, still a work in progress.

9 March 2023:

New page in Lechonk Shrine!!!

8 March 2023:

❥ Updated my Pokémon Shrine home page, and made my Guestbook CSS more responsive.

7 March 2023:

❥ Updated my About Me, Quizzes, Links, and Sitemap.

6 March 2023:

❥ Added two new entries to my Guestbook! Updated my Links page, added new links to Coding Resources and Accessibility Resources, added new navigation for my Art Gallery.

5 March 2023:

❥ Made a new Blog Post, updated Sitemap and About Me, and added new link to Coding Resources.

4 March 2023:

❥ Reorganized my Art Gallery, and updated Links.

3 March 2023:

❥ New page in Lechonk Shrine with updated banner, new image in Pokémon Shrine.

2 March 2023:

❥ Created my Lechonk Shrine, changed banner in Pokémon Shrine, and added Nav link: Projects > Pkmn ScSp. (Short for "Pokémon Sceptre & Spear")

1 March 2023:

❥ Added new Links, adjusted Pokémon Shrine CSS, and added new entry to my Guestbook!


28 February 2023:

❥ New CSS for my Pokémon Shrine, and updated formatting for my Shrines and my Sitemap