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Welcome to my website, SugarBlush! I'm the webmaster, Ren. I'm a hobby artist and web designer, and a (soon to be) Computer Science student! Nice to meet you! ♥ piggy

This is my personal website to help you learn more about me, and find my creative projects in one place! I hope you enjoy your time on my silly little space on the Web as much as I do.


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This is the second iteration of this site, and I created this code from scratch! Visit Web Dev Resources to find the tools I used.

Header: My header image is from kawaiicupcakebliss on Tumblr. Thank you!! ♥

Divider: This strawberry divider you will see frequently is by LilMissSunBear


Stamps: It is safely assumed that most of my stamps come from Bonnibel's Graphic Collection. If I find the original source of a specific stamp, clicking on the stamp will redirect you to it.

Misc Assets: Unless the source of the graphic isn't known, clicking on it will redirect the user to its original source! Please note that there are graphics I have made myself, like the angel pig illustration at the top. Those fall under my Copyright

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