Undertale Shrine

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This page is a collection of Undertale fan works that I enjoy from all over the web! Credit will always be given. Enjoy!


  • "Drop Pop Candy - Undertale MAP" by GinjaNinjaOwO (Youtube) A project near and dear to my heart, I used to rewatch this video over and over when I first discovered Undertale. M.A.P. = Multi Animator Project, different "parts" were delegated to volunteers to animate and every part was put together to create this project. All project participants are listed at the end of the video.
  • "Hot Dog French Fries" by Wiitty Username (Youtube) A fast paced, funky and fresh short animation of the Undertale cast to the audio of "Hot Dog French Fries" tumblr skeleton meme, with Undertale music delightfully integrated.
  • "The Hero" by GaelRice (Youtube) An animated musical parody of "I'm the Bad Guy" from Wander Over Yander, paired with the dynamic charisma and personality of Undyne during her Pacifist fight against Frisk.
  • "Fishy Love" by GaelRice (Youtube) An adorable, light-hearted animation of the fan song "Fishy Love" by Fandroid Music, showing Alphys's dorky and sweet crush on Undyne.
  • "Death By Glamour" by SpectroliteAAA (Youtube) A fantastic animatic of Frisk and Mettaton's Pacifist fight, bringing the in-game battle to life in all of its dramatic and fabulous glory. Watch the process video here!
  • "Undertale Anniversary" by iscoppie (Youtube) A breath-taking animation depicting Alphys and Undyne's first time meeting, with Undyne giving Alphys a lift back to her lab in Hotland after finding her mentally spiraling in the Waterfall trash dump. (WARNING: This video contains suicidal implications. Take care of yourself and stay safe.)
  • "The Seeds Just Stick to You" by Smieska (Youtube) An authentic and heartbreaking animation showing Flowey reach out to Alphys to make more "Floweys" from excess determination experiments so he won't be alone when monsters reach the surface. Based on the audio play by CyberneticPinkeye. (WARNING: This animation contains depictions of cartoon violence, including choking. Take care of yourself and stay safe.)
  • "Hopes and Dreams" by tellie LZ (Youtube) A colorful, beautiful and heartfelt animation of Frisk's Pacifist battle with Asriel. The brush strokes and cute art style are a delight, and this animation authentically captures the emotional depth of this in-game scene.


  • "One By One" By CourierNew (AO3) A great Undertale fic that explores Frisk's journey with resetting Pacifist runs over and over in a desperate attempt to save Asriel. It's a long road ahead of them, but Frisk is filled with determination. This is one of my favorite Undertale fics, enjoy.


  • "Inverted Fate" By Dorked/Megaderping An Undertale AU comic with panels that mimic the game's overworld and battles, exploring an alternate universe where each character's positions and roles in the story are swapped while their personalities stay the same. Dorked's writing captures the charm and nuance of Undertale, this is easily my favorite Undertale AU and an absolute treat.
  • "Papyrus's New Fan" By AbsoluteDream (DeviantArt) A cute slice of life comic showing Monster Kid get up the courage to ask for an autograph on his drawing from his idol, The Great Papyrus! An extremely wholesome read, this will melt your heart. The comic is split into three parts. Part 1, part 2, and part 3.