Undertale Shrine

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Hi there! Thanks for visiting my shrine! Undertale is a game that is very special to me. This page is a love letter dedicated to showing appreciation for it! ❤️

What is Undertale?

Undertale is an RPG video game created by Toby Fox! You play as a human who has fallen into the Underground, where monsters were trapped thousands of years ago. You explore the Underground and meet monsters as you make the journey back home.

Undertale has an emphasis on humor, character dialogue, and player choice. The biggest example: You don't have to kill any enemy you find! You can use creative non-violent ways to defeat them and progress. Or you can still choose destruction. Read more about Undertale on its official website!

Why Do I Like Undertale?

I love Undertale for its witty dialogue, humurous and heartfelt characters, engaging and emotional storyline, and fantastic soundtrack. Undertale's themes of determination, kindness, grief, and choice are very moving to me. Undertale holds a soft spot in my heart for its presence during my childhood. I first discovered Undertale when I was eleven years old, and I absolutely loved it. Undertale inspires joy and creativity for me, it's a very comforting and light-hearted game that simultaneously handles deep themes very well.