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Basic Information Spamton dancing

  • Name: Spamton G. Spamton
  • Gender: Male (he/him pronouns)
  • Age: 45 years old (implied)
  • Birthday: May 8, 1978 (A fan headcannon, this is the day the world's first known spam email was sent. It even aligns with his implied timeline perfectly!)
  • Species: Darkner
    1. Darkworld: Cyber World (Lightworld: Computer Lab)
    2. Lightworld Object: Spam email (implied)
  • Occupation: Homeless (Former "Big Shot" business man)
  • Appearance:
    (Written Description) Spamton is a short darker with white skin and rosy red cheeks that resembles a ventriloquist puppet. Prominent features include his long nose, puppet jaw, pink and yellow tinted glasses, and his 90s slick back style hair.

    During his boss battle, Spamton NEO is a full-on puppet being held up by green wire strings. His limbs dangle lifelessly at his sides. He is wearing a pink and yellow costume with tacky bright wings, reminiscent of Mettaton NEO from Undertale.

  • Spamton Spamton NEO

Personality Spamton dancing

Spamton is an eccentric darkner who lives in the Trash Dump of Cyber City. He always speaks in capital letters, and his speech is littered with ad segments that are broken up into [[brackets]].

He has an unstable and sleazy disposition, and continually tries to coax the "LIGHT nER" into making a [Deal] with him so that he can see their [[HeartShapedObject]], AKA their soul. We learn later this is because he has a plan for how he will reach [Heaven], AKA the Light World, and believes the power of a soul would allow him to achieve this.

Spamton experiences crazed, erratic mood swings throughout the game. Going from trying to persuade and charm his potential customers, to breaking out in an angry fit of violence (ex. punching the dumpster upon his first encounter with Kris) in an instant. This unstable emotional state likely comes from his knowledge about the Game and Light World, and his bitterness towards his fall from greatness into poor living conditions. But more about that in the backstory segment.

Spamton is focused on trying to relive his glory days as a [[Big Shot]] salesman, when he was admired by others and had an extremely successful business. He clings to this ideation, and continually projects his desires onto Kris. His catchphrase is "DON'T YOU WANT TO BE A [[Big Shot]]?", promising Kris that they will become a [[Big Shot]] like him if they accept his deals.

Spamton continually denies his reality, and tries to convince himself and others that he is still the same hot shot he was before. This is his way of coping with;


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