Deltarune Shrine

Welcome to my Deltarune Shrine!

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Hello! Thank you for visiting my shrine. Deltarune holds a soft spot in my heart, I really love it. This page is dedicated to showing it appreciation! ❤️

What is Deltarune?

Deltarune is an RPG video game created by Toby Fox! You control Kris the human, and band together with their friends Susie & Ralsei on your quest to explore Dark Worlds and seal the Dark Fountains! Along the way you'll make new friends, learn more about yourself, and solve the mystery behind the instigating Knight.

Deltarune has an emphasis on friendship, character dialogue/development, and adventure. Its combat system is unique, with bullet-hell doding integrated with turn-based rpg mechanics. You can use creative non-violent ways to SPARE enemies, or FIGHT and rain destruction! Deltarune is split into 7 chapters, chapters 1 and 2 are up for free on the official website!

Why Do I Like Deltarune?

I love Deltarune for its witty dialogue, endearing and dimensional characters, engaging and heartfelt storyline, charming pixel art, and amazing soundtrack. Deltarune's themes of friendship, adventure, and choice are very moving to me, and Deltarune has brought me so much joy. It has inspired my artistic journey and helps me see new perspectives and expand my compassion for others. I resonate with the characters, and getting to see them learn and grow brings me comfort and happiness.