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Hello, welcome to my website! 💗💕

I go by Zoe and Sugar!! I am a beginning coder with the goal of creating a space where I can share my creative interests and projects with the web. And just talk about anything I want! I love art, animation, stories, video games, music, etc. Creative projects are my jam.

Please note that this website is a major work in progress!! I am extremely new to coding but I am excited to learn. Please be patient with me haha

I have many ideas for what I wanna do with this website, though! I hope you look forward to them 💗

🎀 Journal Entries 🎀

This is basically where I ramble and talk about anything I want or am thinking about!! :3

11/22/22: Heheh oops, been a while huh? I'm gonna be taking a break from working on this website to take care of my hands, been having chronic pain. Coding definitely doesn't help haha. Going to look forward to doing other fun creative outlets, I hope I can share them here someday when my hands are better. Tomorrow is my birthday 💗🍰 I'll be sure to have a fun day and be kind to myself.

11/14/22: I feel really excited to read more often! a friend from school gave me some wonderful romance novel recommendations. I'm currently reading an engaging fantasy novel right now, I'm excited to set up the literature section of my website! that can be my next goal once my hands feel better. I'm considering making this journal be its own separate page, or maybe separating this front page journal from the reading log I hope to make.

11/13/22: I'm so excited for Pokemon Scarlet Violet!!! I've been rewatching Subjectively's amazing fakemon-evolution video where they design their own fakemon evolutions for Lechonk, Smoliv, and Paldean Wooper.

I love it!!! The designs are all so wonderful. Susbristle is my favorite, with Glummire a very close second. I have seen pretty much all of the leaks. I will not reveal any spoilers, but GOD my heart wishes that Susbristle was Lechonk's real evolution SO BAD.

Look at him!! The shapes are so well done; he is a round boi and an absolute unit!! It incorporates features of hogs and pigs that I really love; this design is just so charming. Me and my boyfriend really wanted Lechonk's evolution to be Normal/Fighting, but if he was Normal/Ground like this I'd still be happy. I LOVE that he is based off of truffle pigs and finds cooking ingredients for chefs. I'm really happy that he wasn't roasted, he doesn't deserve it :c Fantastic design all around, I really enjoy it 💗

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