This page links back to other cool sites that I enjoy!! Feel free to surf the web to your heart's content.

(The sites featured here are usually personal indie sites/projects. I have collections of helpful links for different topics in my Resources page.)

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Cool Sites!

A collection of links to many sites that I've discovered and enjoyed while surfing the web! Some are Neocities, some are hosted elsewhere. Either way, I recommend checking them out!


Pixel Glade Sadgrl Online Kopawz Nonkiru Mystsaphyr Nuange Cinni Platinumtulip Traumagotchi TheAbsoluteRealm A Tiny Space GhostingPen Vertpush Virtual Diva Sakana Nyafanatic Solaria Aywren Hog SoftHeartClinic NOAGarden Dreemurr (Chimera) Dreemurr (Coda) Kafu Gay Banner Rusty Zone Ally Rat World Mariland Meow! Town Gildedware Pizzarisu Kelpeater Magnapina Jwnepy JoyfulThought Themby Auzzie Jay Little Pieces of Joy orange_peel The Lilac Lynx Draco's super swag website Museum of Alexandra Lazybones ZiggyBeeps Portfiend Swifty's HQ Mothcore Salamander's Den bikobanatari Omoulo Heckmaster Online Devil Dungbeetle redstring ZoneOverImagination NE0Nbandit Street The Chii Cafe Bridget Lover's Moon Neon Heaven Engram Pixel Tangerine Tree Bonnibel's Graphic Collection
Xomii Anoles Quails and Maybe Cattails

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  • Yesterweb A vast, informative, and creative project that is all about keeping the spirit of the old web alive, and how we can shape the internet to be what we envision. It has many creative spaces, including its own forums, radio, zine, etc.
    Here are cute 88x31 buttons with links to its different sites/projects. You can hover over them to read a brief description.

    Yesterweb Yesterweb Forums Yesterweb Links Yesterweb Zine Yesterweb Radio Yesterweb Cafe Yesterweb No to Web3
  • PoolSuite FM A free Online Radio full of funky fresh dance music! It is my favorite music alternative to spaces like spotify, soundcloud, etc. I highly recommend checking it out!
  • WINDOWS93 A website that simulates an entire operating system! So creative and full of fun easter eggs