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Welcome to my Guestbook! c: Just dropping by? I'd love to hear your thoughts on my site and start a dialogue!
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Name: kiki
Date: Mar 12, 2023
omg i'm glad my valentine's day page could inspire you to write something sweet for your s/o as well!! thank you so much for the kind comment on my own guestbook, your site is lovely as well. feels good to browse and i love the feeling of your pokemon shrine btw :^)
Name: devils
Date: Mar 06, 2023
Hey there! Gosh, we missed seeing your art- had no idea you rebranded, though we're glad to see you again.

Anyways, love your Lechonk shrine!
Name: Ray
Date: Mar 06, 2023
Thank you for your lovely comment, it made my day! <3 I just checked out your site and aaa 1) your art is fantastic! I LOVE the pixel-y pig you have as an header, and that awesome Frisk fanart from last year. It's them! 2) I've also been meaning to make an Undertale shrine for so long so it was super fun to see how you structured yours (love the idea of linking all your favourite fanstuff and theories a lot) 3) I love how your site is easy to navigate, easy on the eyes, and so well put together and cute :D Adding your button back and keeping an eye on your lovely webbed site for updates! <3
Name: Alexandra
Date: Feb 28, 2023
i love your site! your layout is so cute, and your manifesto is so spot on! keep it up, can't wait to read more of your blog! :)
Name: chimera @ dreemurr
Date: Feb 25, 2023
Thank you so much for the super sweet comment, zoe!! i really love your site and your UTDR shrines especially! i love how organized and put together everything is here :) you seem like such a nice person and im excited to see your updates!
Name: Lil
Date: Feb 24, 2023
you're site is so simple and put together i love it! How do you make the sidebar with links, I'm just learning html?
Name: themby
Date: Feb 24, 2023
Thank you for your lovely comment in my guestbook. Your site is cool and I absolutely love your art. Can't wait to see more! I'll also be adding your button to my site in my next update.
Name: nonkiru
Date: Feb 17, 2023
hello, zoe! thank you for adding my button to your website - i've added yours to mine! i've gone through your website and there's so much i love about it - i particularity enjoyed your valentine's day blog post, it was such a heartwarming read!! your undertale shrine is also SUPER stylish! anyway, i hope you have a nice day and thank you again! :3