Banners, Badges, Blinkies and Stamps galore!

My collection of fun banners, badges, blinkies and stamps that I've enjoyed while browsing the World Wide Web! They will be categorized by size! I hope you enjoy :3

Note: Minor flashing warning for the blinkies! Stay safe

88x31 Banners the web is yours Tested on Firefox Rainbow Flag Sweet Homepage World Wide Web I Dream in HTML got html? Internet Animal Made with my Own Two Paws Sign my Guestbook Neocities the web is STILL yours I made my own website, you can too I miss using Pictochat Webmaster loves Undertale Retro Pokemon Kris where tf are we Furret Powered by Bob Forever Online You're telling me a Queer Coded this? Lovable Miku Nyan cat Rainbow sky Trans your gender Goodnight Swatch Wanna be a Big Shot? Bingus Big Floppa Connection Eevee love

80x15 Badges

Digital Freedom Blogs Firefox Pride I love pink Love is love I heart anime I heart books I heart music

150x20 Blinkies

Trans Rights Be my Sweehteart Cat Parent Critters Rule I gaze at stars Daydreamer Pink Addict Respect For All Creatures Open your heart I'm Neurodivergent Certified catgirl Do What Makes You Happy I'm walkin here!!! Autism! Trans Lesbians are Epic! Take Care of Yourself Strawberry kisses I love my Online Friends I love my Blog Angelic Cats know the sunny spots Yknow, like... Nya? I love Science Looking Up Respect others Wish Upon a Star Night goddess Secret Gravity Black cats are Lucky I am stuck on my computer I miss you Despite everything... it's still you Toil, Worms! Big Shot

99x56 Stamps

(some stray from this by a few pixels)
Blooming flowers Shoe with angel wings Angel wings My Melody Hamtarou and Bijou Cinnamoroll I put love into my art Magic Wand with stars I care about you! so don't give up! Sakura blossom Sakura blossom Sakura blossom Keyboard sprouts White roses Koi pond Pikachu sways side to side Eevee bounces A bunch of Pikachus Cat typing on keyboard Kitty Cat Dance stamp Cat typing on keyboard Black cat Toby Fox dog Kris where the FUCK are we Deltarune stamp Undertale stamp gold sparkling stars in tree I love stars sparkle moons shooting stars I love my music Lgbtq safe space Gay Hell Neon Buildings Rainbow Llama Neon Rainbow Pretty Rainbow i love rainbows I love you: OK Life is: OK Continue Anyway: OK Sunflowers Blackberries and Raspberries bee Strawberry Cake Strawberry cake Strawberry cake Strawberry bunny Self-Care and Positivity I love strawberry Magical Girl in Training Anime girl eyes I love cute things Piplup Victini eats macaron Chespin, Pikachu, and Sylveon Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Cat coffee Teddy bears bunny kisses moon golden cloud tea and strawberry Pompom purin I love the original DS Dice Drop Pop Candy Balloons Madoka Magica Kimba Heart sunglasses Love candies Ann Takamaki Kasumi dance I love Akira Rose sparkle Rainbow Moon Pink jellies

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