This page is where I try to source as many credits as possible for the various visual, coded, and written assets on this site. This page will continue to be updated as I create more pages, new shrines, and add new visual assets to my website.


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❥ Website / Code

As stated in my Copyright and Home pages, this site's source code and layout is inspired by the website Pixel Glade, with their permission. Please go check them out.

❥ The Café / My Blog

My blog's source code was created using Zonelets, a free javascript based blogging engine available for anyone who is interested.

❥ Shrines

All unique banner illustrations featured at the top of every page was made by me. I will link to the Credit pages of each of my shrines here:

I do not claim to own the intellectual property rights of any of the source materials I made shrines for. Those belong to their respective companies listed below:

  • Pokémon © Nintendo, Game Freak, The Pokémon Company
  • Undertale, Deltarune © Toby Fox

❥ Misc Pixels/Visual Assets

This is where I source the various miscellaneous pixel assets I've used on this site.

happy bouncing pig bashful bunny lovely kitty cute computer hearts hearts hearts
delivery lamb
❥ Source: engrampixel

❥ Source: dreemurr

cake lily
❥ Source: kelpeater

rainbow mail
❥ Source: Kopawz
love letter
❥ Edit made by: Me

strawberries topped with whipped cream
❥ Source: lilmisssunbear

strawberry cake and frosting stars
strawberry soda float chocolate valentines heart
❥ Source: whimsical.heartette

You can find my separate page detailing the credits for the visual assets featured in my Banners and Stamps collection right HERE!!