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Hello! This is my Web Manifesto, covering my thoughts on web creation, web design, social media, the indie web, and why I decided to make my own website! I'll provide links to resources about healthy online discussions, the Small Web movement, how to explore the World Wide Web, and other manifestos I suggest checking out!

I still have a lot to learn about the Indie Web and I am still developing my opinions on the Web's current state. This page's main purpose is to help me make sense of my experiences and save resources for myself and any others who are interested in learning more about these topics!

More than Social Media

I never experienced Geocities, Angelfire, or any of the old web. For basically all my time on the Internet prior to finding Neocities and making this site, I thought Social Media and Google searches were all the internet had to offer. I was so wrong. I'm so happy to have found the Indie Web and all the creativity, personality, charm, and love that goes into these websites. This is something social media never offered me.
Now that I'm learning what the Internet can and should be, its helping me to reflect on Social Media and my experiences with it.

My Main Issues with Social Media:

What I want to see more of on the Internet:

This is what I want to see more of online. Which segways intooo...

Why I Made This Website

You likely already saw on my About Me page, but my original motivations for making this website were that I wanted to dip my toes in web design and gather experience, so I could see if coding is something I'd want to pursue as a career. I knew of the concept of "web design" and "making a website", but I had no idea you could make your OWN personalized indie website. The concept just hadn't occurred to me (Again, I never grew up with Geocities. It was already gone by the time I started exploring the web). So, when I first found Neocities I was amazed. So much creativity, individuality and passion is lovingly embedded into every single website I find, and that makes me so eager and excited to learn.

Now, after reflecting on my experiences with social media, I can confidently say that I am part of the Small Web Movement because I want a space outside of social media to call my own. SugarBlush is my way to express myself and keep the old web alive, so that others who didn't get to experience it in the past will get to see the creativity and love that goes into indie web design and creation now.

Resources, Links, Manifestos, and more!

This is my collection of links that I've found helpful with my experience learning about & exploring the World Wide Web. If they are able to help you in some way too, that'd be so cool!


Check out my Website Resources page for helpful links about web design, accessibility, coding, and more! If you want to see links to websites I've found and enjoyed on the web, check out my Links page!

Other Manifestos