Valentine's Day Love Letter to Cerdi

14 February 2023

This is a special post; a love letter dedicated to my boyfriend Cerdi for Valentine's Day talking about our relationship and all the things I love about him. It is a surprise for him! Happy Valentine's Day, love.

Cerdi is my beloved boyfriend, my fireplace, my archangel, my soulmate, and my world. He is a compassionate, thoughtful, wise, clever, respectful, helpful, grounded and kind boy who I adore more than anything on earth.

We are in a long distance relationship, across two different countries and timezones. I have never felt his touch, never held his hand, never seen his smile when it wasn't through a screen. And I love him, and I always will. I'm truly blessed to have the unique and wonderful opportunity to know him and love him despite the distance. If there is anything I'll thank the World Wide Web for, it's for giving me the gift of talking to Cerdi for the first time. Letting us connect from across the world and fall in love. I know the moment we get to meet in person, the moment we lock eyes with each other, the moment I can hug him and hear his laugh next to me and feel his embrace; it'll spark a light in my heart that will never be put out.

The challenges, pain, sadness, and heartbreak of being long distance is worth it for every moment I can hear his laugh. Every moment I can see his tearful smile as we share a tender heart to heart. Every moment I gasp from joy when I recieve one of his texts. Every moment I can re-read his messages and feel his love resonate through my soul over and over again. But most of all, it will be worth it when we can be together permanently. When we can have a space to call ours, to call home. When we can fall asleep in each others' arms and wake up at each others' sides and be the first thing we see.

I adore his mannerisms. How he moves his hands and gives cute, animated facial expressions while reciting a story to me. How inspired and excited he gets whenever he hears a fantastic song, whenever he sees a beautiful piece of art, whenever he loves a creative idea of mine. How his eyes sparkle with joy as he tries to suppress giggles when I say something that touches his heart. How his lips part into his wide, kind smile. How his gentle, carefree laugh bubbles from his lips and his eyes squint from joy. How he puts his hands to his face when he is flustered while I compliment him. How his voice goes soft, tender, deep, and gentle while comforting me. How his playful mischievous attitude shines through whenever he sends me kisses while I'm giggling over the phone.

I adore his personality. How he cracks light-hearted jokes around others and eases any tension in the air. How open he is to hearing new perspectives and learning new things about the world. How he listens and cares for his friends and loved ones with such interest and thoughtfulness. How grounded and down-to-earth he is. How he is called to care for, listen to, and support anyone in need no matter how well he knows them. How there is the force of a mountain and more behind his love, affection, kindness, care. How he feels so deeply for everyone and everything around him; He sees the goodness in others, he sees the beauty in art, the life, spark, and creativity in the world around him and wants to bring goodness and light into its darkness.

"Fireplace" was the first pet name we called each other, it was from even before we started officially dating. Our friendship, and soon to be romantic relationship, felt like a fireplace. A cozy, warm safe space we could retreat to from the hectic stress of our lives and know that we will be cared for, listened to, and understood. We loved each other even then, as friends right before getting together. I hadn't recognized it yet, but I felt loved by him in every moment we shared a laugh, in every moment we complimented each other, in every moment he listened to and understood and stayed by my side because he wanted to know more of who I am.

Cerdi, I love you. I always will. Thank you for lighting my life and understanding me. Thank you for loving me and caring for me, and bringing me more joy than I have ever known. It is going to be our 1 year anniversary this March. I look forward to many more days with you. Every moment with you is a treasure. Happy Valentine's Day. Te amo con todo de mi corazón, mi amor~💖

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