About The Café

For me, a café represents a warm, cozy and homey place where you can pull up a chair, a nice cup of tea, and find peace in self reflection, connection, and love. This is what I hope this blog can be! A comfortable little space on the World Wide Web where you can read through any posts that pique your interest and feel welcomed by the sweet atmosphere.

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The Café is my personal blog where I can retreat from the stress of everyday life and social media, and write down my thoughts, ideas, etc. This is a space of self reflection for me. Topics will vary based on what activities I'm doing and what I feel inspired to write about. But common themes that will come up are my long-distance boyfriend Cerdi, and various projects including art, crafts, writing, cooking, and more!

The Café is written by SugarBlush, built with Zonelets, and hosted by Neocities!