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About Me cake

Hi there! My name is Zoe, and I use she/her pronouns. I'm a young adult in the United States who loves drawing, reading, writing, coding, playing video games and listening to music! I'm an artist and aspiring web designer, I hope to become a UX Designer or Software engineer someday. This website is my current passion project, and it is my first gateway into website creation (something I hope to do much more of in the future!). Thanks for visiting my corner of the World Wide Web.

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Why I Made This Website cute computer

I was already considering going into UX Design and trying to build apps and websites, but I never actually had experience with making my own website before. Until I found a tumblr post linking to Neocities that provided a bunch of resources for getting started with HTML and CSS coding! This seemed like the perfect opportunity to see if web design was right for me. I'm having SO much fun with SugarBlush and finding other indie sites. Personal websites inspire creativity and personality that we just don't get on social media. Check out my Web Manifesto to read more about why I decided to be part of the small web movement, my view on the modern web, and resources to other manifestos and articles!

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More About Me~!

Aww you want to know more about lil ol' me? How kind bashful bunny

I'm an 18 year old student who wants to pursue majors in Computer Science and Graphic Design! I have a boyfriend who I love very much. For the sake of privacy, his alias on my site will be "Cerdi". We are in a long distance relationship across two different countries, but we dream of living together someday. hearts He will likely come up in my blog posts every now and then.

I consider myself to be a loyal, thoughtful, and warm-hearted individual. I typically have a sunny and optimistic outlook, and it's easy for me to get excited about something. I'm quite outgoing and I enjoy talking to others. I LOVE art, animals, people, nature, storytelling, the internet, cute pink stuff, and more!!

If you're into personality typing systems, here is my info!

  • ❥ MBTI: ENFP
  • ❥ Enneagram: 2w1, (self-preservation subtype)
  • ❥ DnD Alignment: Lawful Good
  • ❥ Zodiac Sign: ♐︎ (Sagittarius)
  • (Check out other personality quizzes I've done here!!)
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My hobbies include:
  • ❥ Drawing
  • ❥ Reading
  • ❥ Writing
  • ❥ Coding
  • ❥ Cooking
  • ❥ Baking
  • ❥ Playing video games
  • ❥ Listening to music
  • ❥ And more!

I'm a creative person who uses my hobbies as a way to express myself and learn more about who I am. Art in particular is something that's very near and dear to my heart, it has been my favorite past-time ever since I was a little kid. I've been drawing for about 13 years now. I draw both digitally and traditionally. Check out my Art Gallery to see the artwork I make!

Another creative hobby I've loved since I was a kid is writing!! Specifically, writing and creating stories, worlds, and characters. I've always had a very vivid imagination, and I loved to make the stories in my head come to life. Self consciousness of my writing is something I struggle with now, but I am trying to overcome that fear.
By sharing my stories with you all I hope to gain more confidence in myself and more experience in writing. Check out the My Stories page to see the worlds and characters I am creating. Someday I'd even love to post chapters of short novels!

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The media I've consumed over the years are part of the many things that have shaped my view of the world, the stories I tell, and the art I create. There is so much power in a story. Here's some media that I am interested in and enjoy!! This will range from games, shows, movies, etc. I will link shrines to them if I have ones.
  • Undertale (Shrine)
  • Deltarune (Shrine)
  • Pokémon (Shrine)
  • ❥ Dungeons and Dragons
  • ❥ Super Mario Bros.
  • ❥ Five Nights at Freddy's
  • ❥ Stardew Valley
  • ❥ Hamtaro
  • ❥ The Owl House
  • ❥ Studio Ghibli
  • ❥ My Hero Academia
  • ❥ Mob Psycho 100 (Need to watch)
  • ❥ SpyxFamily (Need to watch)
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