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I'm Zoe, an artist and aspiring web designer in the United States. Thanks for visiting my site! It was made with love happy bouncing pig

This is a personal website to help you learn more about me and find all my creative projects in one place! SugarBlush is a passion project, and I hope you enjoy your time at my creative little space on the World Wide Web as much as I do.

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Updates cake

15 March 2023: NEW

❥ Added new stamps and blinkies to My Collection and updated Links.

14 March 2023: NEW

❥ ALSO finally created a Credits page! Was added to the Navbar under Misc.

13 March 2023: NEW

❥ Finally created a Copyright page! I updated my footer on this site to include it.

12 March 2023: NEW

❥ New entry in Guestbook, also updated Links so that all buttons are hosted on my server!

11 March 2023:

❥ Created Pig Care Resources with Basic Care info. I also Updated Favorite Things and Links.
Finally created an Updates Archive!!!

10 March 2023:

❥ Adjusted format for my Favorite Things page, still a work in progress.

9 March 2023:

New page in Lechonk Shrine!!!

Updates Archive

strawberries topped with whipped cream


This website's layout and code is inspired by Pixel Glade! They're a fantastic indie website that provides informative resources for topics like website building, artwork, and vegan recipes! Please check them out.

Please visit my Credits page for information and sources for the various visual assets on my site.

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