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Hello!! Welcome to my shrine that is dedicated to sharing information and love for the Hog Pokémon, Lechonk!!
Here you will find information about its basic profile, its concept origins, how Lechonk appears in game, headcannons about Lechonk's nature in the pokemon world, and more!! If you like Lechonk, then this is the shrine for you. 💝

Why Make this Shrine?

Ever since I first discovered web shrines on Neocities, I knew I wanted to make one for Lechonk someday; it's my favorite pokémon, after all! But my biggest inspiration for it are numerous Pokémon Fansites I've discovered that are typically archived from the early 2000's. People made sites dedicated to their favorite pokémon, acting as a catalogue of information, dex entries, pictures, content, and more! I really want to create a space like that dedicated to Lechonk!

Here are some of the fansites that inspired me the most while making this shrine:

But these fansites are almost always about pokémon who have been around for a long time, and have a bunch of history to talk about. So, it'll be a fun twist to create a fansite about a modern pokémon!
Since Lechonk has only just made his debut in Paldea, I won't have as much official content to cover, but that's okay. I can still use this site as a creative outlet to express my love for Lechonk and collect information that makes me happy.

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