Meet the Hog Pokémon Lechonk!

Video Transcript

Narrator: The mighty new Pokémon has arrived! [Camera pans out to Lechonk, who oinks and sniffs at camera]
With an incredible sense of adventure! [Lechonk adventures into grass]
A supreme snout! [Lechonk looks up to see the sparkling berries in tree]
Stupendous strength! [Lechonk knocks berries down from tree]
And... a refined palette! [Lechonk sniffs out the shiniest berry and oinks]
This is... Lechonk! [Lechonk wakes up startled by the Narrator's voice and runs away] Oh, sorry... H-Hey! Wait up!

Lechonk with a chocolate drink

What an adorable introduction! This shrine is dedicated to sharing information, love and appreciation for Lechonk, my all-time favorite Pokémon!!

This shrine is inspired by numerous Pokémon Fansites I've found that are typically archived from the early 2000's. People made sites dedicated to their favorite pokémon that are a catalogue of information, dex entries, pictures, content, and more! So, this is a space like that for Lechonk! ♥ (Plus my own personal writing and headcannons!)

Here are some fansites I particularly enjoyed and recommend checking out!