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My collection of cool and awesome sites that I enjoy on the web!! ♥ I'll update this periodically as I remember more!


Personal Webbed Sites

The World Wide Web is full of creative and innovative people who use their sites as a way to express themselves!! Most of these are hosted on Neocities, but others are self-hosted!


Nenrikido yourdevilfriends dungbeetle Kopawz Nonkiru Pixel Glade Dreemurr Dreemurr Ghosting Pen a tiny space Solaria NOAgarden kelpeater chiicafe Museum of Alexandra Lazybones Ray of Sunshine Gilded Ware themby Nuange Cybernetic Dryad MystSaphyr NE0Nbandit Street Vertpush Robophobia Cinni's dream home The Absolute Realm The Rusty Zone Bridget Sakana AllyRat World neoratz The Ender Draco Salamander's Den Traumagotchi Platinum Tulip redstring Ziggybeeps Portfiend Swifty's HQ Moth Core Xomii Lover's Moon Auzzie Jay Webheaven Silvally Plushie Bikobatanari Sleepie Bug Cloverbell lovesick Static Attic Layercake Cursed Fate Nine Moonbeams Linwood snals Lost Letters HOG Jassumkiddos SoulByte Layfarts Appledust Last Sunrise Rainstorms in Julys Vincent's Dungeon SoftAnnaLee Jeith DokoDemo Autumn's Grace Garbage Diety Shishka Eggramen meixins Aegi's Cafe Starbage Cosmic-Kiko Cobyzaby The Corner of Dreams fizzsea meowii

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  • Cave of Dragonflies CoDF button
    A site FULL of information all about Pokémon, including the Webmaster's personal projects, and resources for web developers! How cool!
  • Blue Moon Falls BMF button
    A collection of articles and resources for people looking to play the classic Pokémon games!!
  • Digimon Tamers: Complete Episode Collection
    A full collection of the Digimon Tamers english dub on! This is how I'm watching Digimon



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