Web Dev Resources: Coding Tools

This is a collection of helpful tools and resources for web developers looking to build a website!! I've found these helpful in my journey of learning HTML and CSS code, I hope this helps someone else too.


  • w3schools

    A searchable index of every HTML and CSS term under the sun including live examples of how each one works! This has been the most helpful tool for me in my web dev journey

  • Flexbox Froggy

    A super cute, fun and interactive tool that teaches you how to use flexbox properties featuring adorable frogs!

  • Zonelets

    A free Javascript-based blogging engine! Very helpful for beginners who want to create a blog/webpage but aren't too keen on learning all the HTML and CSS to build from scratch!

  • Magic Pattern: Tools

    A collection of tools related to web design such as background patterns, gradients, and more!

  • Image Resizer

    Resize any image you want while maintaining quality and aspect ratio, all completely free!

  • ezgif.com

    Everything gifs, made easy!!

  • Image Color Picker

    Upload an image, and you can get the hex codes of any colors in that image! (use an adblocker, though)


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