Web Dev Resources: Accessibility Tools

This is a collection of accessibility tools and resources for web developers looking to build a website!! I've found these helpful in my journey of building SugarBlush, I hope this helps someone else too.


  • A Field Guide to Web Accessibility

    An educational website that teaches about what Web accessibility is, why it is important, and how you can incorporate it into your web designs! They provide links to helpful tools as well.

  • WAVE Accessibility Checker

    Plug in your website's URL and it will provide an overview of your site page and all of its features, including any errors, oversights, and contrast errors. It identifies the structure of your page and also reveals if your images have alternate descriptions. A very helpful tool!

  • a11y's Color Contrast Tool

    Plug in your website's URL and this site will detect any color contrasts that don't meet standard accessibility requirements! It also lets you test out different color combinations to find a better contrast.

  • Tips and Tricks for Web Accessibility

    An informative and helpful guide for designing your website with accessibility in mind. It has a table of contents that allows you to skip to certain sections that pique your interest!


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