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This is a directory of links to various articles, sites, essays, writings, etc that I've found helpful in my continuous journey to learn and understand what kind of experience I want the internet to be for me. If any of these links help someone to formulate their own thoughts, ideas, and opinions, then I think that's really awesome!

Articles with a ★ symbol means they are favorites.



  • The Small Web Movement

    A website that explains the "small web movement". Their mission is to move away from the idea that a website's reason to exist is for commercial and monetary profit of large companies.

  • Internet Ettiquette and Good Faith Discussions

    A section of the Yesterweb Website that defines good faith discussions and constructive conflict in conversations online. These are things I want to see more of on the web!!

  • How to Surf the Web

    A helpful guide that offers various ways we can surf the web outside of the restrictive social media sphere. My favorite is their Link Directory.

  • Neocities - Browse

    A page that allows you to browse and filter through the many unique, creative, and expressive indie sites on Neocities!

  • What is Mastodon?

    An informative guide to what Mastodon is and how to use it!




  • A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden

    An essay explaining the benefits of having a Digital Garden; a space for the "digital gardener" to save, grow, and tend to their different thoughts, ideas, and values in the form of writing and saving different links. My favorite part is that it is ever-growing and ever-changing, and there is never pressure for a "perfect" or "published" format.

  • I'm a fucking webmaster

    A short, quippy, and passionate article about the Author's experience with web design during Web 1.0 and the power, joy, and creativity that comes with being a WEBMASTER!!

  • Pixel Glade - Web Manifesto

    Pixel Glade's Manifesto helped me to recognize the importance of accessibility being prioritized in web design. I also resonated with their desire for creativity to be encouraged in online spaces.

  • - Internet Manifesto's Manifesto is very clear and informative, and introduced me to many of the Resources I provided above and in Web Dev Resources.

  • bikobatanari - My Website is a Personal Museum

    A general statement and reflection on the "feed"-centric structure of social media and what we can gain by moving away from it.

  • bikobatanari - Why Personal Link Directories are Better

    An article that goes over why personally curated link directories rock! This article inspired me to make this section of my website




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