Pig Care: The Basics

A collection of resources covering the basics for taking care of a mini pig.


  • Pet Mini Pig Basic Care

    A helpful video by Adri Rachelle, a pig owner and animal rescuer who has a lot of experience with taking care of mini pigs.

  • How Big Are Mini Pigs??

    An Adri Rachelle video addressing one of the most major and common myths about mini pigs; their size, and the responsibilities that come with it.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Mini Pigs

    An Adri Rachelle video that covers her FAQs of mini pig care, especially for new pig owners.

  • Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pigs: The Essential Guide

    An educational article that is all about teaching readers about Vietnamese Pot-belly Mini Pigs, necessities with taking care of them, and the pros and cons of having them as pets.

  • Lifespan and Care of Potbellied Pigs

    An educational article full of basic care information all about pot-belly pigs

  • Pig Parent FAQs

    An informative article that answers many questions about taking care of a pig and the responsibilities of owning one. Helpful for anyone considering getting a pig or already owns a pig.


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