Minestrone Soup and Singing

February 19, 2023
(Note: This is an archived post from my blog on SugarBlush 1.0)

Hello! This weekend has been quite chill. I have Friday (2/17) and Monday (2/20) off from school for holidays, so that has been a nice chance to relax.

During the days off, while my sister and dad are out for a trip, I've been spending quality time with my mom! We decided to do a cooking project, and she taught me my grandma's recipe for minestrone soup!

I want to start shifting towards more plant-based dishes, and this was a great step towards that goal! The soup was very fun to make, and I loved the end result. Super delicious. I ate it with some toast and vegan butter on the side. There is a special kind of satisfaction and joy that comes with enjoying food that you worked hard to prepare. I want to try cooking more often.

Here is a photo of my minestrone soup bowl I had for breakfast this morning!

Minestrone Soup

It is kind of more like a stew since there isn't a lot of broth haha, but it was still delicious!

Last night (2/18), after finishing the soup and my dinner, I got to call with Cerdi and spend time together. He is a very artistic and creative soul, he loves to listen to music and to sing. I often hear him humming to himself and singing a little tune while waiting for me if I have to go do something. Last night he suggested that he'd love to hear me sing.

Singing has always looked fun, but my self consciousness stopped me from trying it in the past. But, last night I got up the courage to try. And it was SO FUN! I loved singing love songs to him, especially ones that mean a lot to us. Cerdi was very supportive and sweet, and I felt my self consciousness wash away and get replaced by joy and confidence.

I'd love to sing more often with Cerdi. Unfortunately, due to poor internet connections doing a duet would be difficult, but when we are in person I'd love to do karaoke nights with him. Singing is definitely just a hobby for me, but it could be fun to try and learn more about how to improve. I won't worry myself too much about it, though. For now, Cerdi is the only one who will hear me sing. ♪♪♪ ヽ(・ˇ∀ˇ・ゞ)