Spring Break Updates

April 1, 2023

Gosh, hi!!! This blog looks new, huh? This is my first post after revamping SugarBlush as a whole (the previous posts were archived from my old blog), and it's so nice to finally have a designated space for sharing and talking about stuff!!! (I was starting to ramble a lot in my RSS Feed hahah, that's when I realized I needed this blog more than I thought).


Ok ok, SO MANY THINGS!!! First of all, this past week of spring break has been WONDERFUL for this site!!!! I've made SO much progress and updated and added so many new things, and I am genuinely super proud and happy with how SugarBlush is coming out. Coding webbed sites is the BEST ♥

Some specific things I'm proud of include polishing and fixing all of the CSS on this site, especially for my main site. I learned from my Pokémon Shrine's CSS a mistake I was making with the general site CSS (too many width: 100%;) and now the site's boxes are all completely consistent!!!! across all devices!!!!! so so exciting. But most importantly, I have a genuine grasp and understanding of what ALL my CSS does and why it behaves the way it does, which is HUGE.

And, on the topic of CSS I'm proud of; THIS BLOG!!! Ahhh I'm really so happy with the new look. I think the colors are delightful, the header is so cute, and I'm really excited to write entries and see them with such a sweet and cute presentation style. Front-end coding my beloved ♥

The Art Gallery and Lechonk shrine are my current priorities right now, and I'm getting help from Nenrikido for the Javascript Libraries I'm trying to use for my Art Gallery. Soon, it'll be all spiffy and cute just like I want it!!! Then I'll be able to share tons of stuff on it!!! I'll talk more about Lechonk later in this post, but tldr; I LOVE LECHONK and Im so antsy to finish the shrine!!! ♥

Fun stuff

In other news, SO MANY FUN THINGS!! Ahhh ok ok. First of all, I got Hollow Knight on my Nintendo Switch just the other day and IT IS SO FUN. I love this game, and I am realizing I really adore the Metroidvania genre. I can only play in short bursts because of my hands (I have to type this post in short bursts too...), but whenever I do play it is always a treat. I can definitely see why it is one of Cerdi's favorite games, and its very fun to share another common interest with him.

Speaking of Cerdi, it was our first anniversary on March 25th!!!! Not monthiversary, ANNIVERSARY. A whole year of being in a loving relationship with my favorite person in the whole wide world. It was so lovely, and our current plan is that I'll visit him in Mexico during May!!!! (If my stinking passport arrives on time, that is) I am crossing my fingers, I want to be able to hug him so bad.

More recently, I had two of my friends from school over to my house to play games!!! We played Smash Bros. Ultimate and they helped me with Hollow Knight (I got stuck on one of the bosses), and it was such a blast. I loved getting to hang out with them. My main is Pikachu, but I want to get better at playing Peach because I love her. Also Luigi.

Lechonk my beloved

It's time to discuss Lechonk. I love and adore lechonk so very much. I'll post an article all about why I love him on my Lechonk shrine, but tldr; I ADORE pigs, and lechonk helped me to discover that. Cerdi also loves him, so whenever I think of lechonk I think of my adorable boyfriend. A win win! ♥

Why is this relevant? Because the Pokémon Company is doing a Lechonk themed event, baby!! New plushies, pins, keychains, TCG cards, and best of all, a whole half-minute animation of Lechonk! ♥

I am swimming in new content of my favorite piggie and loving every second of it. I have been wanting an official animation that includes lechonk (outside of the games) for SO LONG, and it is FINALLY HERE!! New content for my shrine, too!!! I'm so so happy and excited.

Alas, because we just can't have nice things, and since it is April Fools today, a mod in my Fakémon server that is also a friend of mine decided to make the server an "Anti-Lechonk Zone" for the day, complete with a specific chat and everything! What a buzzkill >:T
But, after I threatened to turn the server into a "Toxapex Appreciation Zone" tomorrow (he HATES toxapex), he stopped. But not after a lot of slander was said about my precious piggie!!! The audacity!!!

Nothing can kill my vibe though, and I'm over the moon that my favorite pokémon is getting the love it deserves from the Official Pokémon Company, AND the rest of the internet!! Just reading through the comment section of the animation I showed above puts me in such a happy mood.

Wow hey, thanks for reading through my first new blog post! Now, back to work on that Lechonk shrine!