Senior Ditch Day and Birthdays!!

April 7, 2023

OH MAN AHHH so sooo much!!! This has been an awesome day so far, and I think it'll only get better from here. ♥ I'm really excited, so I just had to make a blog post!!

Mental Health

Lately I've been feeling pretty stressed, tired, and overwhelmed. I was spreading myself way too thin and not properly acknowledging or taking care of my own feelings. Particularly, I had a HUGE commitment I had signed myself up for without keeping in mind if I was mentally or emotionally up to it. But my friends helped me get the courage to back out before it started, and that alleviated me of a lot of weight on my shoulders. But basically, because of my stress, I've been wanting a mental health day for a while.


School is definitely one of my main stressors. But there are aspects I really like!! I like to hang out with my friends, I like the chill classes that are quiet and I can get work done, I like classes that teach me things and challenge me. I like to learn! But there are two classes of mine in particular that are very overwhelming because of the students; the first one is basically out of control because my teacher has been way too soft on troublemakers the whole year, while in my other one a lot of people have a negative attitude and my teacher often trauma dumps... Those two classes in particular weighed on me a lot, and I was always stressed and exhausted after them. So, when I heard that today was "Senior Ditch Day", I thought it was the perfect excuse for that mental health day I'd been wishing for!


Buuuut, today ALSO happens to be my Boyfriend AND Best Friend's birthday!!! (What a coincidence two of my favorite people share the same birthday, huh?) And my best friend wasn't allowed to stay home, she had to go to school. So, because I didn't want my friend to be left all alone on her birthday, I decided to forgo the day at home and went to school. I initially felt a little bummed that I wasn't gonna stay home, but I knew it was worth it to spend time with my friend.

And I'm SO glad that I did go to school!! Pretty much all of our other main friend group still went to school too (we are goody-too-shoes nerds), and ALL OF THE ROWDY KIDS WERE GONE! So, the classes I had previously been dreading became instantly way more fun. All the teachers pretty much knew that today was going to be senior ditch day too, so they didn't have any important activities planned. So today was a SUPER chill and peaceful day. I loved getting to hang out and talk with friends, and it felt like a mental health day. I wish more school days were like this.

Hangout & Comic Book Store

After school, my birthday friend and my other bestie went out to a local cafe after school!!! We grabbed some strawberry milk boba tea and other assortments of foods!! I got a cream cheese bagel and an ube cookie!! All so so yummy. And then afterwards, we went to the comic book store just next door!!! It was SUPER inspiring, I absolutely loved it and I definitely want to go back there. They had a whole anime section, and I even bought a really cute manga there!! It's called "Witch Hat Atelier", I'm very excited to read it! It looks so cute, and I adore the art style. Here's a photo of the cover:

Witch Hat Atelier Volume 1 Cover

Cerdi Birthday, more to come!!!

There is certainly more good to come, because I haven't even gotten to celebrate with my boyfriend Cerdi yet!! I can't wait to make this day special for him. Maybe I'll post a continuation to this blog post later, who knows. Anyway, I feel wonderful!! And I am really happy with this day ♥ It makes me want to go out and hang with friends in person more often